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My daughter was flipping out because she was itchy on her head and felt itchy all over. I filled out the appointment request at about 8:20pm and was contacted immediately by Laurie. She happened to mention that one of her co-workers/employees (wish I could remember her name!) was stopping at their business and she could take a look at my daughter around 9:00pm.

I was SO grateful and appreciative. There would have been no one sleeping in our house had we not gotten in that night.
She made my daughter feel completely at ease and was very informative. I learned a lot about lice that night!! For better or worse!!

Thankfully my daughter’s itchiness was all in her head and had gotten the best of her.
Thank you Lice Clinic for the positive experience!!

Heidi S

Laurie is absolutely AMAZING. I actually saw a tiktok from their page and bought some of their lice shampoo for my child because I was at the end of my rope. we'd been battling lice for months and spent hundreds of dollars. I wrote that in the comments section of my purchase that we'd been struggling for months. To make a LONG story very short. Laurie reached out on her own and discovered my poor kiddo didn't have lice (poor kid, we laughed pretty hard) she had white piedra. Which I had to look up and sure enough Laurie was SPOT ON. Not only did she go out of her way to help she also gave me a TOTAL refund of the products I had just purchased. She is soooo smart. THANK YOU AGAIN LAURIE

Ashili P

Laurie is friendly, knowledgeable and SO HELPFUL!!! While speaking with Laurie on the phone she informed about lice and debunked the internet myths, immediately bringing the stress of the situation into a manageable level. We were able to get in to see her quickly. Laurie had entertainment for the kids and able to explain in a way they understood what she was saying. BEYOND GRATEFUL for the AMAZING SERVICE.

Liz K